Can I lease the same property year after year?2017-05-31T20:32:36-05:00

Provided you act in good faith and follow all terms and conditions of the lease, the lessor will consider giving you the first opportunity to lease the subsequent year. However, such opportunity will be granted at the lessor’s sole discretion.

When will the timber on my leased property be logged?2017-05-31T20:32:01-05:00

We cannot provide a specific date or time of harvest. Logging operations are influenced by many factors including weather, seasons, ground conditions, contractor schedules, and market conditions. Logging may occur at any time of the year, including during hunting season, and we may not be able to provide advance notice for such activities.

Can I cut shooting lanes?2017-05-31T20:31:33-05:00

Creation of shooting lanes is not allowed.


Can I lease a portion of a field?2017-05-31T20:30:59-05:00

In general, the property listed as available is already in the smallest allowable configuration.


Can I camp on the property I lease?2017-05-31T20:29:37-05:00



Are property lines marked?2017-05-31T20:29:17-05:00

Most property boundaries are not marked. However, the tree plantations roughly follow the boundaries.


Can I post No Trespassing signs?2017-05-31T20:28:52-05:00

You can post signs as long as they are not secured to trees.


Can I plant food plots?2017-05-31T20:28:30-05:00

Food plots are not allowed.


Can I use an ATV?2017-05-31T20:28:01-05:00

ATVs are allowed to travel to and from stands and to retrieve game. Recreational joy riding is not allowed.


Can I put up stands or blinds?2017-05-31T20:27:36-05:00

Yes, however, stands may not be secured to trees in ways that pierce the bark. Specific details are outlined in the lease agreement.


Can I visit the property before I sign a lease? Can someone show me the property?2017-06-20T14:35:18-05:00

We allow and encourage you to visit the property before pursuing a lease. You may visit the property at your convenience. You do not need permission or an appointment, however, we ask that you email Hunting@aspenplantation.com with your intentions. Due to the large number of properties we manage, we typically do not give personal tours.


How many people can hunt a piece of property?2017-05-31T20:26:45-05:00

Generally, you may have up to one hunter per 20 acres at any given time. The exact number will be specified in your lease.



What is the cost of a lease?2017-05-31T20:26:07-05:00

$10 per acre with a $350 minimum fee.


How long is a lease valid?2017-05-31T20:25:40-05:00

The lease period begins when we receive a signed Lease Agreement and payment, and runs through December 31 of the current year.


How do I lease property?2017-05-31T20:47:02-05:00

To learn more about how to lease hunting property, click here. To learn more about how to lease farmland, click here.


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